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Hey guys. :)

I'm going to be opening commissions this weekend starting today! Only a certain few types, however. Going to be starting with something "smallish" and work my way back to full blown commissions (ie, finished colored pieces) eventually (though, no time estimate on that right now, sorry).

I'm going to be doing half-body (knees and up) art, either sketches or lineart.

As a note for the future, I am looking into starting up colored pencil drawings in the future once I have replenished my supplies. Mostly I just need some good cardstock again and more envelopes. I'll be looking into snail mail pricing too for that, since it's been a good number of years since I've had to mail anything. So once that's all sorted out and I've had some practice with these materials again I'll likely be doing those again.

For now, here's what I am offering, though.

Commission Types:

Sketch - Knees Up:

Taunt Sketch by Horus-Goddess
[300dpi Resolution Example]

Price: $20 each
Character Posing: Up to my discretion, info on character personality will help to capture them properly.
Number of characters: limited to one character per art piece.
Props: Limit to simple to moderate designs (as in the example provided above), please. Acceptable props are things like weapons or something of that nature.
Medium: Pencil and Paper, scanned digitally.
About: Now that I have a scanner again, I can do traditional art drawings! For these I'm doing them with good old fashioned pencil and paper. For now I'm not going to be snail-mailing the originals, but I will send you a full scan (PNG format) at 300dpi resolution. The originals are going to be on 8.5in x 11in paper.

Once I've got some envelopes and an idea of shipping pricing I'll be able to offer snail-mail for these at a later time (which you'll need to cover the price of). If that's something you're interested in please let me know when you note me for a commission. :)

Lineart - Knees Up:
Taunt Lineart by Horus-Goddess

Price: $40 each (may vary depending on level of detail of the character)
Character Posing: Up to my discretion, info on character personality will help to capture them properly.
Number of characters: limited to one character per art piece.
Backgrounds: None.
Props: Limit to simple to moderate designs (as in the example provided above), please. Acceptable props are things like weapons or something of that nature.
Medium: Digital. PaintTool SAI, Photoshop.
About: As with sketches, I will sketch these first in pencil first and draw the lineart over them using PaintTool SAI at 300dpi resolution. Again, original sketches will be about 8.5in x 11in, so the finished lineart will also be about of those dimensions depending on the content. I will send you the full resolution image in PNG format at 300dpi resolution.


Payments will be accepted through Paypal only at this time. For sketch commissions I'll accept payment once the commission has been accepted. For lineart, I will draw out a sketch first and once you've okay'd it, I'll expect payment at that time. Once it's received I will finish the piece.

Requesting A Commission:

Please note me via deviantART with what type of commission you'd like done and of what character. I do not check email very often at all, so please do not contact me that way. You may request more than one sketch or lineart at a time if you prefer.

Image based references are preferred but not entirely necessary. Just be sure to send a decent amount of detail on the character appearance and personality and I'll do my best to capture them. Please take note of some of the acceptable and non-acceptable content type I will draw before making a request:

Accepted Content:
- Furries, Anthros (nothing overly beast-like (ie werewolves), please)
- Fantasy Humanoids (Elves, Fairies, etc)
- Fanart (Games, Anime, etc)

Not Accepted:
- Gore, Horror
- Animals/Beasts/Creatures
- Substance Abuse or Discriminatory work (derogatory against a certain race, sexual orientation or otherwise). This should go without saying.

No commission is limited to only these subjects, of course. If you're unsure what you have in mind is something I will be willing to illustrate or not, please don't hesitate to ask beforehand. Granted, some things I generally don't draw is simply because I don't have that much experience with them (things like animals for instance). When I do a piece I want to be sure what I'm drawing for you is to the best of my ability.

When sending a request, this form may help but is not necessary:

Username: (you or for the person it's going to)
Type of art: (which category you want goes here)
Name of character: (Simple enough there)
References: (Required)
Description: (Please keep it light)
Additional information: (Whatever you want to add)

Commission List:

Names of clients will be listed here, or anonymous if prefered. Listed per art piece, not individual. Limited to 5 slots for now, may open more as I finish them.

1. miserybahamut
2. (none)
3. (none)
4. (none)
5. (none)


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United States
Commission Information: Click Here! ^_^

Hello! I'm Marie, and I've been drawing since I was about 2 years old. I took some art classes as a child, but most of what I've learned was through my own observations and experimentation. My dream since I was a child was to go into the Game Art and Design field, though it has currently been put on hold for other things going on in my life, my goals have since changed somewhat.

Currently I'm working as a Freelance Artist here and through FurAffinity as my full-time job while I seek full-time employment elsewhere. I also have a very technical side and my other passion is computers (hence my interest in games, since I've been a gamer since childhood, and a lot of what goes into gaming is both very artistic and technical).

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PhoenixFirestar Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I have very much missed your elegant art, as you have been a very big inspiration for me. I hope things are going well on your end, and I am so happy to see you sneaking back in with your beautiful sketches. :D 
Horus-Goddess Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw, thank you! That really means a lot. :D It's good to be drawing again.
kanyiko Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
A very Merry Christmas to you!! ^_^
NightshadeHaxegrath Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello :3 this may be a dumb question, but do you take art trades?
CatelfKitling Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
So happy I found you again, your art is simply stunning!!! :la:
victorialampini Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey HorusGoddess! Did you ever see the characters Sachiel has inspired for me??

Remember the first drawing of him you ever made, back when he was still green?

That inspired this character:

Thinking Dragon by victorialampini

His name is Skydan, and he's a character of a video game I one day want to create.

He is by far my favorite video game character I made, and I couldn't have done it without inspiration from Sachiel. 

However, I now see that his appearance is very similar to Sachiel's current look. Listen, I really, REALLY hope that you do not consider this stealing. I would never do anything like that.

Your characters were just so inspiring, they encouraged me to make these characters known as, dragonmans. 

I just want to make sure you do not mind me pursuing making Skydan and all my other dragonman characters in a video game I one day hope to develop. 

I'd hate to upset a phenomenal artists like you. 
HotRod-302 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2015
Happy birthday!
RBL-M1A2Tanker Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015
Happy early birthday! :D (Big Grin)  With many happy returns! Have your cake and eat it too
miserybahamut Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope you come back to take commissions again! We miss you around here. 
AliciaOutlaw Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How much would it cost to get a fursona drawn for me?
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